Naraka Bladepoint Tips & Tricks for Beginners (2024)

After two years, Naraka Bladepoint is now free-to-play for all major platforms, including Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Since the game wasn’t released on therse platforms at first, many new players have joined this hectic melee Battle Royale game in the last couple of days. If you are new to the game, check out our guide on the best characters for beginners and an explanation of all the modes available. Apart from those guides, we’ve gathered a few tricks and tips to help beginners in Naraka Bladepoint.

Know Where to Drop Yourself

One of the best features of Naraka Bladepoint is that the game tells you where the good loot is and where most players are dropping in. The yellow areas are where the good loot is, and the red areas are where most players have selected to be dropped in. This is a great feature for that helps beginners in Naraka Bladepoint stay away from fights until they learn the game properly. This can give them a chance to decide whether they want to go straight into fighting or go far and instead loot good items.

The latter is the best option for the new players. This way, you can avoid getting into big fights with multiple teams and gather good loot. Apart from that, you will have the advantage of getting yourself familiar with the game’s controls and the map as well.

Know When and Where to Heal Yourself

Like every Battle Royale game, it takes some time to heal yourself. First, try to get away from the fight and then heal yourself if there aren’t any enemies. If you see your friends fighting and they have good health, it’s ok to leave the battle for a few seconds and heal yourself. It is always better to stay alive than to get knocked down constantly. Here is a tip or trick that beginners must use in Naraka Bladepoint to avoid getting hit while healing: spamming the crouch button. Most hits are above the torso, so when you crouch and uncrouch constantly, players have a harder time hitting you while you are healing.

Avoid Going Solo at First

It is not the best option to go solo when you first play Naraka Bladepoint. First, there is no chance of reviving yourself, which is extra punishing if you are new to the game—secondly, your chances of winning and surviving increase by going with friends or other random players. Once you’ve learned how to play, learned the mechanics, and found your preferred weapons and character, then going solo will be a good option.

Try Out Different Weapons and Characters at First

The best way to get good at a game or anything is first to understand it completely. So if you are a beginner in Naraka, don’t focus on being the best at first; instead, try to learn everything you can, especially about weapons and characters. Don’t just stick with Viper Ning; try out each character in Free Training mode and see which character’s movement and special attacks are best for you. Then try all sorts of weapons in a fight until you find which one suits you best. Then put all your focus on that pair of weapons and master it.

Don’t Forget About the Talent Points

Each character has a bunch of talents that can be unlocked and changed as you play the game. You will unlock them after reaching level 4, which is relatively early in the game. These talents aren’t game-breaking, but used at the proper time can save your life. To access them, go to your character’s menu and select the Talent tab from above. Check every single of them and see what will serve you best.

Time Your Parrying

In Naraka, after a few simple hits, players will hit a Focus Attack that can be parried. There are a few tips that will help you with parrying. First, don’t try to hit the parry button just before getting hit. Naraka is an online game which means your internet connection directly impacts your performance, so don’t rely too much on that. Instead, spam and hit the Parry button once you see the blue glow around your opponent; this way, you won’t get hit just because of your internet connection might be slow.

Don’t Put Too Much Faith in Ranged Weapons

It is essential to understand that Naraka is a melee-focused weapon with a few ranged weapons. All the powerful weapons are melee ones. So don’t rely too much on ranged weapons like pistol or rifle. The best way to use them is when you rush toward the fight and want to hit them quickly before using your melee weapon or stagger your opponent and then unleash your melee combos.

Complete the Available Quests

In each match, there are several scrolls around the map that you can interact with and then get a quest. These quests can be pretty simple or more complex and will award you Dark Tide Coins accordingly. You can quickly get some coins and then spend it on items or bag upgrades available by Rift Dealer around the map. Or you can drop your earning for your friends so they can upgrade their items.

Have Extra Weapons

When fighting in Naraka, combat can change in numerous ways. One of them is getting disarmed. If you carry your favorite weapons and then get disarmed, you are good as gone. So always keep an eye on weapons you find on the ground or dropped from fallen enemies in the game. You don’t know when it will come in handy.

Always Loot the Grappling Hook

One of the main mechanisms of Naraka is the Grappling Hook. Grappling Hook is an item you must loot from enemies and ground. This item can help you quickly join an attack or flee from one if the situation is dire. This tip becomes essential for beginners in the last part of each match in Naraka Bladepoint, so have enough Grappling Hooks to increase your chances of survival.

These are some of the best tips and tricks to use if you are a new player in Naraka Bladepoint. Use them all, and you can eventually become a decent player.

Naraka Bladepoint is now available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Naraka Bladepoint Tips & Tricks for Beginners (2024)


Who is the best character for beginners in Naraka? ›

One of the best characters for beginners is Tessa. As a young woman whose soul is tied to an ancient fox spirit, her abilities call upon the ancient deity to best her enemies. Her F ability knocks enemies into the air while giving Tessa Foxfire. Whenever she's staggered, Foxfire explodes and knocks back nearby enemies.

How hard is Naraka: Bladepoint? ›

With that being said, the game can be notoriously difficult for players to understand. The combat system is difficult and has a steep learning curve. Nonetheless, here are a few tips for beginners who want to sharpen their swords and cause mayhem.

How do you counter Naraka? ›

One way to trigger a counter against an opponent's attack is by matching your swing attack. Clicking the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously will also land a counter-attack in Naraka Bladepoint. Developing a new habit of waiting for the enemy's third attack will help you throw your counter.

Who is the most op character in Naraka? ›

1. Yoto Hime. Yoto Hime has the most powerful kit in Naraka Bladepoint and it's not even close. Both of her abilities are easy to hit and deal a massive amount of damage.

Who are the best solo characters in Naraka: Bladepoint? ›

Solo play is challenging in Naraka: Bladepoint, and choosing the right character is crucial. Characters like Zai, Yueshan, and Tarka Ji excel in solo gameplay with their aggressive, defensive, and versatile abilities.

Am i playing against bots in Naraka? ›

First few games are mostly bots. You've only played 1.8 hours. You'll see real players in the pre-match staging ground.

How do I parry better in Naraka? ›

Two more consistent parrying methods are jump parrying and crouch parrying. Both methods involve: cancelling your in-progress combo with either a jump or a crouch. pressing the parry commands to instantly transition into the parry animation.

How do you move faster in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT? ›

Tips to improve movement in Naraka Bladepoint
  1. Scale Rush.
  2. Slide Hopping.
  3. Focus Attack Cancel.
  4. Dagger Dodge Chain.
  5. Rolling.
Jul 18, 2023

How do I improve my NARAKA: BLADEPOINT performance? ›

How to reduce NARAKA BLADEPOINT high ping and fix the lag?
  1. Select The Game Server Closest To Your Geographical Location. ...
  2. Get A Wired Connection. ...
  3. Remove Unnecessary Load From Your Bandwidth. ...
  4. Get a Better ISP. ...
  5. Use LagoFast.

How many people still play NARAKA: BLADEPOINT? ›

MonthAvg. PlayersPeak Players
Last 30 Days105,837.0291,633
May 2024100,826.1312,137
April 2024109,355.1372,076
March 2024106,258.1302,152
31 more rows

How do you do combos in naraka? ›

How Do Combos Work? Basic combos in Naraka: Bladepoint follow a predictable pattern of one or two normal attacks, followed by a focus attack. The last strike in a normal combo chain is automatically a focus attack, so you don't even have to remember any inputs or do anything aside from pressing the attack button.

Does naraka have anti cheat? ›

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is committed to creating a fair and healthy competitive environment. We have not only used new anti-cheat technologies, but also established special cheat-reporting reward activities to encourage those players who defend the fairness with us.

Who is the best Naraka player? ›

Best Esports Naraka Players by Total Winnings
PlayerCurrent Team
1TXJ Tan Xujie 1 TXJ FZ Tan Xujie $193 090FZ
2WenLong Liu Wenlong 2 WenLong 17G Liu Wenlong $192 88817G
3Xxin Zhang Zijie 3 Xxin J Team Zhang Zijie $158 647J Team
4Lxm Li Xinmiao 4 Lxm GG Li Xinmiao $152 458GG
17 more rows

Who to main naraka? ›

Akos Hu is one of the best characters you can choose in Naraka: Bladepoint, due to his incredibly high damage stat. He also has impressive mobility, making him a great option for beginner players. He can quickly move away from enemy attacks while still dealing high damage.

Who are the best champions in Naraka: Bladepoint? ›

Naraka: Bladepoint Heroes Tier List
TierHero Name
SValda Cui, Hadi Ismail, Akos Hu
ATessa, Justina Gu, Zai, Ziping Yin, Tekeda Nobutada, Matari, Tarka Ji, Temulch, Viper Ning
BWuchen, Feria Shen, Yoto Hime, Yueshan, Shayol Wei
CKurumi, Tianhai
May 2, 2024

What is the best melee in Naraka? ›

What are the best weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint?
  • Longsword.
  • Nunchucks.
  • Dual Halberds.
  • Staff.
  • Spear.
Jan 5, 2024

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