13 Beginner Tips For Naraka: Bladepoint You Need To Know (2024)

The battle royale genre has seen its fair share of fans in the past decade. As the years progressed, new additions were made to different games to add a unique flair and stand out from the rest. While most still keep the basic tenets of the battle royale in check, gameplay elements that are often added to freshen the game tend to be superficial at best. 24 Entertainment aims to change this through Naraka: Bladepoint.

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While the battle royale components remain similar, the game offers a rewarding melee combat system that involves weapons such as spears and swords. There's a lot to look forward to here, especially since Naraka: Bladepoint takes its entire aesthetic inspiration from Japanese culture. With that being said, the game can be notoriously difficult for players to understand. The combat system is difficult and has a steep learning curve. Nonetheless, here are a few tips for beginners who want to sharpen their swords and cause mayhem.

Updated August 31st, 2022 by Russ Boswell: Naraka: Bladepoint is an incredibly entertaining Battle Royale that sees quite a few players on a daily basis thanks to its engaging combat and interesting premise. Although it does feature a fairly useful tutorial, players will definitely need to get some practice in with the various weapons and abilities if they want to truly excel at the title. Thankfully, there is a great training range, and players will also be able to join matches against bots, giving them a chance to try out their characters before they commit to battle other players. To better help the newest players join in on Naraka: Bladepoiont, the following guide has been updated. It now includes even more beginner tips for Naraka: Bladepoint and how players can utilize them in battle.

13 Don't Skip The Tutorial

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Tutorials can be a boring affair. Some players prefer to learn the nuances of a game while playing actual missions or against other players. However, Naraka: Bladepoint can be punishingly difficult for players at the very beginning. It's better if players implement a bit of patience and play through the tutorials to understand the fundamentals of the game.

It's a good way to experiment with different weapons and explore parkour-style movements, before jumping into the main game. It also shows players how to use certain items. While it doesn't teach everything to the player, it teaches enough to get started on the right foot.

12 Don't Spam Dodges

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When players are first starting out, it can be difficult to "stay calm" during fights against other players. Because of this, newbies may be tempted to spam their dodges in an attempt to stay away from an enemy's attacks. While dodging can be incredibly useful and valuable in escaping an enemy attack and repositioning, spamming it is a quick way for players to find themselves in trouble. Dodges are not infinite, and players will have to wait for them to recharge after a short period of time.

If players use these dodges erratically, they will find themselves without the ability to dodge for a few moments, forcing them to parry. If they fail the parry they'll have no choice but to take damage. Because of this, players should be sure to conserve their dodges and be more careful dodging too much.

11 Cannons Can Be Helpful During Large Fights

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There are a lot of unique ranged weapons to be found in Naraka: Bladepoint but some of them are much more useful than others. Many players will find themselves favoring one type of ranged weapon, but the Cannon can be exceptionally useful in large-scale battles. It's difficult enough to handle one other player at times, so adding a whole slew of them to the mix can be confusing and incredibly dangerous. Because of this, it's not recommended that new players try to thrust themselves into any large conflicts, without first learning the ins and outs of their characters.

This is where the cannon comes in. This weapon is capable of producing a large AOE that will harm multiple enemies at once. Players can sit back from the main aciton and take pot shots at enemies, perhaps even scoring a few kills or helping to think out the group to make the fight more manageable.

10 Weapon Repair Is Vitally Important

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Although the tutorial goes over how to repair weapons, it doesn't necessarily prepare players for how often they'll need to repair their items. Players that find themselves embroiled in multiple fights, especially with a lower-rarity weapon, will notice that the durability of their weapons will drop pretty rapidly. In fact, simply engaging two enemies and rattling off multiple combos is enough to "break" a weapon, making it essentially useless and unwieldy until it's repaired.

For this reason, players should always be sure to carry the maximum amount of weapon repair kits on them as possible and always be ready to dip away from a fight long enough to repair their weapon. Those that don't use ranged combat may even want to consider carrying two of the same weapon, so they can hot-swap to the fully repaired item when the other eventually breaks.

9 Spending Dark Tide Coins

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Killing enemies in the game will give the player different loot items, including Dark Tide Coins. Each match that the player plays and wins will give them a certain amount of these coins. These coins need to be spent immediately by the player while playing the game, as the Dark Tide Coin counter resets after each match.

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Rift Dealers accept payment in Dark Tide Coins and the players can use the coins to buy items from them. The items are usually ones that provide a buff to the character, such as vitalia, Souljades, and armor. Spend them wisely based on the playstyle and requirements.

8 Managing Items

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Item management can be a bit of a headache in Naraka: Bladepoint. Players will have to take their time to sort out unwanted items from the items that they want. Certain items will be dropped from enemies as loot, and they can be fairly rare. Nonetheless, finding similar items to replace one function with another can be difficult.

If players are facing issues replacing items, they can hit the tab button on their keyboard. This will bring up their inventory, with items that they own on the right, and the items that they want to pick up from the floor to their left. They can remove the items by clicking and dragging the item from the inventory to the center of the screen. The rest of the items can then be picked up from the floor.

7 Parrying

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Similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, parrying is an important part of Naraka: Bladepoint. If the player sees that their opponent is about to charge at them, and the enemy has a blue aura, they should initiate the Parry stance. The attack animations could take a bit of time for players to get habituated to, but practicing the counterattack will be crucial to winning against other players.

There's also a downside to this. Players cannot rely on parrying all the time, as it will make their moves quite predictable for the opponent. The player will have to find their own playstyle, and uniquely deal with each opponent.

6 Weapons And Combos

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In most cases, with games that focus this much on melee combat, it's easy for the player to spam multiple buttons and hope for favorable results. This tactic will not work in Naraka: Bladepoint. Players will be in a much better position if they learn the basic combos for each weapon that they equip.

The fundamentals of attacks and combos for different weapons will also increase the versatility that a player has, and it will enable them to deal with different opponents. They should also know which ultimate attacks can be countered by other ultimate attacks, as this will help them avoid taking too much damage.

5 Armor

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Since Naraka: Bladepoint is a game based on timing and skill, it is not uncommon for players to use common tier weapons to demolish players who are brandishing legendary tier weapons. For beginners, the best option would be to spend as much money as possible on stacking armor.

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Better armor sets will provide more sustainability and durability in combat, especially if the player hasn't come to grips with the combat system yet. Investing only in weapons without taking the time to learn the combat mechanics will only lead to more losses. Investing in armor will keep players alive longer so that they can learn the mechanics while playing the game.

4 Finding The Right Character

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Naraka: Bladepoint has a horde of different characters for players to try and experiment with. Each character has their unique flair and abilities. These determine how they perform in matches. At first, players should try out multiple characters to find out what they can work with.

Once they find a suitable character, they can use this character as their main hero and play as many matches as possible. Statistically, this will lead to a better win ratio. Some characters are more inclined towards healing their party members, while others are focused more on inflicting damage. Choose a hero wisely.

3 Morus' Blessing

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Special chests can be found strewn over the map in Naraka: Bladepoint. Players can find these chests (called Morus' Blessing) to gift themselves free items that have to be tracked down. These items from Morus' Blessing have special characteristics and are classified usually as high tier.

Therefore, players should spend some of their time tracking them. Some of the best weapons in the entire game can be found through Morus' Blessing chests. The only thing that players have to deal with are other enemies who also want to confiscate the treasures.

2 Game Progression

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In Naraka: Bladepoint, there are a couple of progress bars that players need to keep a close eye on. These are the Cultivation and Talents bars. The Cultivation bar is found in the Heroes menu. Moreover, when players unlock the first tier for one of their characters, they also unlock the option to customize their character's special ability.

As the Talents bar progresses, multiple slots open up that can be used for equipping glyphs. These glyphs give different buffs such as an increased range for the grappling hook. Players can spend Tae (a currency) to upgrade glyphs or buy new ones.

1 Consumables

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Healing oneself from the injuries of a previous battle can be done just by looking for bushes nearby that have fruits or berries growing on them. These consumables can be stored for later, or used if the player's health is low. Flowers and bugs can also be caught and used for a range of effects.

Items such as Prickly Pear will recover health at intervals. Consuming Salak would lead to a slow replenishing of the player's armor. Dandelion will enable players to be deathly silent while they approach an unsuspecting opponent. Consuming Fireflies will lead to an increase in Rage, which will help the player use their ultimate ability.

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13 Beginner Tips For Naraka: Bladepoint You Need To Know (2024)
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